What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

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Holistic treatment has become a buzzword in many addiction treatment facilities. However, many holistic treatments do not take the time to explain what is holistic addiction treatment and how it differs from traditional treatment methods.

In short, holistic treatment takes a whole-person approach to health care interventions. In other words, it focuses on an individual’s mind, body, and spirit to have a successful recovery process. it combines traditional medical approaches with co-occurring alternative methods for the best results. 

Keep reading to learn more about what is holistic treatment for drug addiction and if it works.

What Is Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment? 

Holistic substance abuse treatment takes a holistic approach to drug or alcohol addiction. It focuses on the individual’s psychological and physical needs during the treatment process. As a result, holistic addiction treatment typically combines traditional western medicines with alternative therapies to have a successful recovery process.

Holistic addiction treatments typically begin with traditional approaches to addiction, such as therapy, group therapy, and sometimes medication. These traditional approaches ensure that the addict is getting the medical treatment they need in order to be healthy during the process.

At the same time, holistic addiction treatment provides alternative or complementary treatments in addition to traditional treatments. Some common examples of alternative treatments include massage, yoga, meditation, herbal medicines, and nutritional therapy. These treatments are used alongside the medical approaches for the best results. 

The idea behind these alternative medicines is to allow the individual to heal from the inside out. It also provides them with additional resources so that they can work through their problems internally and heal from all perspectives.

By approaching substance abuse treatment from a holistic perspective, all aspects of the individual are focused on. This comprehensive approach ensures that the person’s mind, body, and spirit are working together to achieve the goal of ultimate recovery.

Can Holistic Addiction Treatment Actually Work? 

When many individuals are first learning about holistic addiction treatment, they might feel that it is not as effective as traditional methods. This is simply not the case. On the contrary, studies have found that holistic addiction treatments do actually work, especially when used in junction with traditional approaches to addiction therapy.

What this means is that holistic addiction treatment actually works, just as it claims. It helps the addict receive the medical care they need while also healing on the inside. As a result, patients can heal from all fronts to achieve recovery and learn new ways of approaching their problems and life. 

Not All Holistic Facilities Offer Comprehensive Treatment 

Because of the proven success associated with holistic addiction treatment, many rehab facilities are bragging about holistic treatment. However, not all holistic facilities offer comprehensive treatment that is medically sound and safe. It’s important to always select medical facilities that offer comprehensive treatment to ensure you or your loved one is safe and well taken care of.

When selecting the best holistic addiction treatment centers, look for facilities that offer 24/7 nursing staff and other medical professionals like doctors and psychiatrists. These medical professionals will be able to monitor your vitals and walk you through individual and group therapy sessions.

Additionally, look for a long list of alternative therapies, ranging from yoga to nutritional therapies to outside time. Having a variety of alternative therapies will allow you to find activities that you engage with, understand, and appreciate in your day-to-day life.

Recovery Beach offers extensive holistic addiction treatment. Proven medical treatments are at the heart of our treatment plan. Our medical staff will oversee the entire process to ensure your road to recovery is safe and effective. All the while, you can enjoy our alternative therapies and amenities. Contact Recovery Beach today for more information about our holistic addiction treatment options.

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