What is a Relapse Prevention Program?

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Well done! You’ve finally got some sobriety time under your belt, the cravings have faded away and the pink cloud is as bright and pink as it’s ever been. You’re loving your new freedom and happiness, and can barely believe you are finally here.

The most difficult part of your addiction is behind you and now is up to you to maintain your daily reprieve. Sobriety labor doesn’t end the day an addict leaves rehab, or upon getting a ninety days chip – recovery must be maintained daily for the rest of the addict’s life. Relapse is a common theme, that can be avoided with the right long-term support program

Relapse prevention programs, also known as aftercare plans, help addicts stay sober and act as a system of recovery maintenance.

How Can Relapse Prevention Programs Help People in Recovery?

Relapse prevention programs are designed to meet different needs by employing proven strategies that help recovering addicts stay sober.

Some of the most common relapse prevention programs include:

Support Groups

One of the most recognized, celebrated, and effective ways for addicts to stay sober is the constant attendance to support groups. This is why twelve-step programs are so popular among those in recovery.

It’s said that the opposite of addiction is connection – support groups provide addicts in recovery with mutual aid as well as accountability. They are a great way to constantly be reminded of what it was like (When they were using), and what it’s like now (Sobriety).


Similar to support groups, therapy is also another way to ensure the maintenance of an addict’s recovery. 

Working through cognitive and behavioral issues could require many years of therapy. Having a professional to speak to can help addicts stay grounded, while at the same time identifying and tackling patterns and behaviors that would otherwise get them into trouble.

The first stages of relapse occur when the person in recovery begins to fantasize about drug use, stops going to recovery meetings, and begins to mentally sabotage their recovery. A professional therapist can help the patient identify these symptoms early on and treat them at the root before the patient resorts back to substance consumption. 

Sober Housing

There are many types of sober living homes available to meet the different needs of patients. 

Some examples include: 

Sober homes offer patients a substance-free environment. They are considered to be the best environments for an addict during early recovery. Not only do they provide a safe surrounding but they also offer the comfort of many in-house services such as drug testing, support groups, therapy, and more.

A study showed that residents of sober living homes significantly improved when it came to their alcohol and drug consumption, arrests, psychiatric symptoms, and employment. Corroborating the efficacy of enrolling in a sober community home. 

How to Find Relapse Prevention Programs Near Me

If you or a loved one is interested in maintaining a sound recovery then signing up for a relapse prevention program might be the best approach.

You may be asking yourself, How can I find a relapse prevention program near me? How can I help myself or my loved one stay sober and avoid all of the hassles of trying to get sober after a relapse?

Well, you may be in luck, relapse prevention programs are well spread across the country with many recovery centers and 12-step programs available in nearly every corner of the USA.

Recovery Beach serves many areas around California and can help you and your loved ones find the help you need to stay sober.

Contact Recovery Beach today to find out more about relapse prevention programs.

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